Spanish Program at Crocker Highlands

2017 – 2018

¡Bienvenidos a Viva el Español!   Welcome to the Viva el Español Spanish program at Crocker Highlands!

Dear Crocker Highlands Parents:

Thanks to the tremendous support of the Crocker Highlands PTA, Viva el Español will again be teaching Spanish to all students in grades K – 5 twice per week. Viva el Español is a non-profit organization that teaches Spanish to children from toddlers through Grade 8 at schools all over the Bay Area.

Students will learn Spanish using a full-immersion approach and our curriculum includes songs, storytelling, interactive games, and crafts. We cover themes that are relevant to your child’s life and learn words and phrases that are easy to remember and use outside of class.

The Spanish teachers for K – 4th grade are Jose Reynaga, Francisca Acevedo and Robin Riaño. The Spanish teachers for 5th grade are Karen Collin and Wendy Ortiz. They are supported by Carla Brown, Director of Elementary School Programs. Please see the contact information for all teachers below.

We look forward to maintaining communication with you throughout the year regarding Spanish classes via email.  This includes vocabulary lists, information about special events and ways to support your child’s foreign language learning outside school. We also encourage you to contact us at 925-962-9177 or if you have any questions or comments.

Creating a Positive Class Experience –  

Important Information to Consider

To ensure a positive experience for all students, please consider the following about our program:
  • Immersion Approach: Spanish will be used consistently in class to engage students in learning and speaking español!  This method can be a bit intimidating for first year students (students don’t understand every single word being said), but it has been proven to be beneficial while learning a foreign language. Students get used to hearing the language, understanding based on the context of the conversation, and assimilating the language without translating.  If your child is frustrated at first, this is normal and it should improve quickly.
  • Differentiated Instruction: We recognized and value students’ diverse abilities, learning styles, interest, and previous experiences learning a foreign language. Best practices will be used in the classroom to provide different pathways that respond to and encourage the needs of diverse learners.
  • Themes: A variety of subjects will be covered during the school year. These will vary in length depending on the subject, students’ mastery and interest.
  • Participation: Active participation is key to the learning process. In class, students are encourage to communicate in Spanish as much as possible.
Los Maestros de Español – Spanish Teachers
K-4th GradeJose Reynaga –

Francisca Acevedo –

Robin Riaño

5th Grade

Karen Collin –

Wendy Ortiz –

Director, Elementary School Programs

Carla Brown –

We are excited to share our language and culture  

with your children!

The Viva el Español Staff

Viva el Español is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization