Volunteer Guidelines

Guidelines for Volunteers

  1. Classroom and student work is always confidential.  Please don’t discuss student problems with anyone except the teacher.
  2. Try not to compare children within the classroom.
  3. Since there are as many different methods as there are teachers, please do not compare different methods of teaching.  There is no one best way to do anything.
  4. Work positively for the good of the school.  Constructive criticism should be directed only to the supervising teacher or school administrator.


What a Volunteer does

  • Signs in at the office
  • Praises and encourages
  • Tells the child good things about himself
  • Tries to understand how the child feels
  • Commits to regular attendance and arranges parent substitute
  • Builds caring and supportive rapport
  • Speaks directly to teacher about concerns regarding any student performance
  • Is considerate of teacher’s time
  • Works with all children not just their own

What a Volunteer does not do

  • Berates or belittles
  • Acts in a cold or indifferent manner
  • Criticizes the teacher
  • Fails to call and let school know he or she is going to be absent
  • Gets physical with a child
  • Violates confidentiality by passing on information to the community
  • Loses control and says something that is inappropriate or might be regretted