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The Crocker Weekly Bulletin (Newsletter) is distributed on Sundays via email. In efforts to be a Green School, the newsletter is no longer printed and sent home with children or left in the office. You can sign up for the newsletter by entering your email address in the field below and clicking “Submit”. You can unsubscribe from the bulletin at any time. If you would like to add content to the bulletin, please send your information to

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The Crocker Highlands PTA supports an on-line message group through the Yahoo! Groups service. Subscribers will get occasional e-mail messages from the PTA, school administrators and parent volunteers about important events or issues. Group members become part of an on-line community where they can post messages and share advice and ideas with each other. To sign-up for the Crocker Yahoo Group: Enter your email address in the field below and click “Submit”. An email confirmation will then be sent to the address you entered. Simply reply to that email to confirm your membership. For more information about subscribing to Crocker email lists, see details below.

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Use of the Crocker Yahoo Group is subject to our appropriate-use policy.

Several email lists are maintained for groups within the Crocker Highlands community. These lists are maintained through the Yahoo! Groups service. General information about how the email lists work is below.
How does it work? First, you join the group. Once you are a member you can post messages to the group by sending email to the group email address (e.g.: You receive messages that other group members have posted to the group email address. Members can reply to the emails as they see fit, by sending a message only to the sender or the group as a whole.
Membership requests are approved when received by the list moderator – please allow a day or two for membership requests to be processed. And if you change your mind and want to cancel? Send a blank e-mail to the group email address with ‘-unsubscribe’ attached to the group name (e.g.:,


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