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January 2016 Minutes

We had a productive meeting yesterday talking about beliefs around the purpose of education and looking at our school’s existing mission and vision statements.  Click the link to read our minutes!

SSC Meeting Minutes Jan 2016


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SSC Meeting Agenda 1/19/16

All meetings are held in the Crocker Highlands library at 4:30 PM. The community is welcome!

SSC Agenda Jan 19 2016


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Parent Involvement Policy Updated Sept. 2015

111_Crocker Highlands_Parent Involvement Policy 2015-16


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SSC Agenda 2015.12.08

School Site Council

Crocker Highlands Elementary School

December 8, 2015

1. Welcome and sign-in

2. Review and vote on School Site Safety Plan for 2016-17

3. Discuss ideas proposed for discussion at September meeting:

a Safety

b Buddy bench

c Beautification projects

4. Public input

5. Scheduling next meeting


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SSC Meeting Notes 2015.10.27

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Called to meeting at 4:37pm

People present:

Staff: Joci Kelleher, Tom O’Brien, Pam Asuncion, Naomi Bernstein, Caroline Chumo, Claire O’Brien

Community: Gary McCoy, Kristen Wilson, Vickie Srago, Kathy Wong

2 phoned in via video (Nafissa Tayebi and Heather Sawtelle)

Review meeting minutes: moved to approve by Gary McCoy, unanimous approval

SBAC Data Review

  • Baseline data from SBAC scores from 2014-2015 school year
  • Schools not rated against each other at this point
  • 9-10% in 3rd-5th scored at standard exceeded across the district
    • 9% met standard in ELA, 14% in math district wide
  • Within the subjects: 3 levels of ranking
  • Overall at Crocker: 31% meeting standard (ELA), 36% exceeding standard (ELA)
    • Claims within ELA: reading, writing, listening, research – differences at Crocker not great between the four different claims
    • Reading and writing generally stronger versus writing and listening
  • Crocker Math: 31% exceeded, 30% meeting
    • 3 claims in math: communicating reasoning (explaining how you got the answer/why you got the answer), problem solving, concepts and procedures (doing the multiplication, addition, etc.)
  • Crocker overall meeting standards more than overall in the district
  • Different reasons why the results are the way they are
    • New test, lack of practice on Chrome books due to their arriving late, the test having problems within the questions, being forced to type up the answers, difficulties in using a computer versus paper and pencil
    • Useful for parents and adults to also look at the test and understand how difficult the questions are
    • Link to practice test:

SRI: Scholastic Reading Inventory (2014-2015): 2nd-5th grade students take it 3 times/year

  • Does not do fluency, but does give some comprehension
  • Measured against end of year standards, no matter when taken
    • District wide:
    • Fall: 18% already reading at or above grade level
    • End of year: 24% reading at or above
  • Crocker: over 50% reading at/above grade level in fall; end of year about ¾ of students reading at or above grade level
  • Fall SRI: over 65% reading at or above where we expect them to be by end of the year

Fountas and Pinnell Fall 2015 (K-5)

  • 20-30 minutes per student; needs to be done one-on-one
  • Gives more accurate information about how the student reads
  • OUSD overall: 35% of students above grade level
  • Crocker overall: 75% of students above grade level, 6% at grade level


Scholastic Math Inventory

  • Given once to 3rd-5th grade students
  • Uncertainty about what the measure reflects based on what teachers see in the classroom
  • Crocker overall: 2% of students above grade level


Overall Assessment Conversation:

  • How do all of these fit together? Teachers use many different assessments, both teacher-created and district-mandated, to determine how the student is doing in the curriculum
  • Teachers generally prefer to use observation and formative/teacher-created assessments to get an understanding of where the students are struggling and to inform instruction
  • How we perform is not related to the site money we are allocated
  • No consequences at this point for not reaching a certain point/score on the SBAC


Math Night for Parents with Math TSA: evening for parents to understand how parents can help their students and what math in the common core era means and looks like

Recommendation to principal to put sometimes put math tips into weekly bulletin

Next Meeting: Will start with items left off the agenda.  All meetings begin at 4:30 PM.

Tuesday, Dec 8

Rest of year:

Tuesday, Jan 19

Tuesday, Mar 1

Tuesday, April 5

Tuesday, May 17


Adjourned at 5:45pm


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Crocker Elementary School Site Plan 2014/15

Click the link to see the complete 2014/15 School Site Plan for Crocker Elementary



All students will graduate from high school. As a result, they are caring, competent and critical thinkers, fully-informed, engaged and contributing citizens and prepare to succeed in college and career.


Oakland Unified School District is becoming a Full Service Community District that serves the whole child, eliminates inequity, and provides each child with excellent teachers for every day.

Goal Areas

Every student in the Oakland Unified School District will:

  • Attend a SAFE, HEALTHY, and SUPPORTIVE SCHOOL – Oakland Unified will become a Full Service Community District that will collaborate with civic and community partners to remove barriers to learning, increase access to and utilization of health and wellness services, enhance school culture, reduce violence in the community and schools, and create equitable opportunities for extended learning time.
  • Learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be PREPARED for SUCCESS in COLLEGE and CAREERS when they graduate from high school, to ensure that they can read, write, speak, think critically and reason mathematically for post-secondary success.
  • Have HIGH QUALITY and EFFFECTIVE INSTRUCTION with excellent teachers for every day of the school year.

The Oakland Unified School District will:

  • Become a FULL SERVICE COMMUNITY DISTRICT that is in service of and fully supporting the success of community schools and thriving students.
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for HIGH QUALITY for its schools and in its work across the organization.



Crocker Highlands is a K-5 school located in the Trestle Glen neighborhood in Oakland. We currently have 435 students and project that our enrollment will continue to grow next year, but will not be able to get much larger due to space constraints. Although most of our students live within the Crocker Highlands catchment area, a significant number live in other parts of Oakland. The school community values education and has a culture of high expectations for student achievement.

Our current staff of 17 teachers is highly experienced with an average of 18-20 years experience. The school has met AYP and AMO requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. We also have an Asperger’s Inclusion Program, and therefore have one full-time inclusion teacher on site. In addition, we have a full-time speech therapist and a part-time resource teacher, psychologist, nurse, and occupational therapist. Our school has a very active PTA with a mission of supporting the school’s efforts in achieving equitable outcomes for all students.

The teachers at Crocker Highlands are experienced, dedicated, and talented. They employ a variety of teaching strategies including whole class and small group instruction. We strive to meet each student where he/she is and move him or her forward in their academic and social development. To that end, we employ a variety of intervention strategies to support students who need extra help as well as finding ways to challenge students who need it.

With the aide of parent classroom volunteers and a broad range of PTA-funded enrichment programs, students receive a well-balanced and integrated curriculum of language arts, mathematics, history/social studies, science, physical education, technology, and visual and performing arts. In addition to the district-adopted curriculum, Crocker Highlands is constantly seeking to enhance classroom learning. Supplemental materials are used and field trips are taken to enhance student learning.


The vision of Crocker Highlands is to cultivate a vibrant learning community where all children achieve their full academic potential, develop a love of learning, discover their unique gifts and talents, and become thoughtful participants in school and community. Our learning focus is on the 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.


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