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Registration 2017 Forms Ready – Register August 15-18

There are a lot of forms here.  Please read the list carefully and bring all of the forms that pertain to your child.  If you are available to help with registration, please sign up here.  If you are a new parent, it’s a great way to meet some other families!

ALL NEW OUSD STUDENTS MUST ALSO BRING IMMUNIZATION RECORDS.  To see which immunizations are required, go to


2017-18 OUSD Policies and Signature Page_FILLABLE– MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS. Just print and bring pages 7 and 8 completed and signed.

2017-18 OUSD Student Acceptable Use of Technology Consent Form_FILLABLE – MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS.

2017-18 Walking Field Trip– MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS. Ignore that it says last year’s date on the file.

2017-18 OUSD Registration Packet – Nothing to print – just read it.  The Policies and Signature page is similar.

Report of Health Exam for School Entry MANDATORY FOR KINDERGARTEN ONLY

California School Immunization Record Form MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS NEW TO OUSD.  Children may not attend classes until the office confirms that all immunizations are up to date.  You mail email these documents ahead of time to

OUSD asks that all students at our school and a number of others complete either a meal application or LCFF form online on the district’s website.  If you have questions, contact Nutrition Services at 900 High St., Oakland, CA 94601 or call at (510) 434-3334. The forms are here:

Oral Health Assessment Form DUE BY MAY 31 of KINDERGARTEN YEAR

CHKS Survey Permission Form for 5th Graders 

Puberty Ed Permission Form 2018 – 5th Grade only

Authorization for Medication  Required if you want the school to be allowed to dispense over-the-counter or prescription medication.  This includes epi pens and inhalers.  It must be signed by a physician.

2017-18 – OUSD Health Coverage One-pager Final-English Nothing to sign, just information for families.

Change of Personal Info Form Only needed if you have a new phone number, email, or home address

Parent Request Form for Primary Language Assistance – Spanish Optional



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