California law dictates that all students entering kindergarten must be properly immunized unless they have a medical exemption.  Personal exemptions are no longer accepted.  If you have an incoming kindergarten student, please be sure to have your child’s up-to-date immunization records as well as the completed Report of Health Exam for School Entry when you register in August.  In addition, California law says that all students must be seen by a dentist no later than May 31 of their first year in school. The dentist completes an Oral Health Assessment Form, and parents must bring a copy of that to school.  In addition, students who need to take medication during the school day (over-the-counter or prescription) must have an Authorization for Medication Assistance form completed by their physician, and we need it on file in the office.  Medications are kept in a locked cabinet.  All three of these forms are available below.

Report of Health Exam for School Entry

Oral Health Assessment Form

Authorization-for-Medication-Assistance (1)