Ms. A.J. Robinson (Speech and Language Therapist)
I am Jessica Heller, Crocker’s Inclusion Specialist. I started working in Special Education over ten years ago and spent much of my early career supporting students as an aide in the classroom of an amazing 6th grade teacher. You might know her; she is Joci Kelleher! Given the opportunity to work with Joci again, I excitedly joined the Crocker team.Working with students is such a privilege. I love learning about students, who they are and how they learn. I love to think outside of the box and use my knowledge and creativity to help students become their best selves. I learn so much from my students; it’s incredible.

I was raised a “farm kid” and love the outdoors. I am so thankful to have moved to California over twelve years ago and to get to experience all of the outdoor activities. I tend to spend the majority of my free time walking on the beaches, hiking through the forests, camping in whatever environment I am able to get to and most recently free-diving the Pacific in search of abalone.

Ms. Valeria Haro (Resource Specialist)

Ms. Kate Kosmos (Psychologist).