What is Scrip?

Scrip is the easiest way for you to earn money for Crocker, without using your own money. It is a simple concept…fundraising through gift cards (different from eScrip!). These are the same physical gift cards you buy at the grocery store, the difference is that you pre-order them through Crocker. You pay the full face value, redeem for the full face value, and the merchants give a percentage back to the school. And even better, some merchants don’t even require you to have a physical card– they will email you an electronic version you can print. Either way, it is free money!

The beauty of this program is that these are common retailers at which we all spend our money every day. There are hundreds to choose from…Amazon, Gap, Safeway, Target, REI…the list goes on. The percentage the merchant gives back to the school ranges…from 4% at most grocery stores to a whopping 14% from The Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic stores. That means that every time you walk into The Gap and spend $100 without scrip, you are leaving $14 on the table, $14 that could go towards funding all the great Crocker programs for our children. And the money adds up fast…if every Crocker family uses scrip for their weekly grocery shopping alone, we will make over $90,000 annually ($150 x 52 weeks x 4% rebate x 300 families) for our school. Sign up and do your part!

 How Does Scrip Work?

Crocker is using an online ordering and prepayment system called shopwithscrip.com. First, set up a family account linked to Crocker. Second, set up payment directly through your checking account. Then every time you want to order, you simply sign into your family account, make your order and pay directly online. Every other week, we gather all of the paid orders to make one aggregated Crocker order. The physical cards arrive a few days later, and you receive an email saying your scrip is ready for pick-up.

Certain brands (like Whole Foods) are reloadable…that means you don’t need to wait for a physical card with our group order. When you’ve received a physical card from Crocker once, you can reload them yourself through your online account. Even better, some are ScripNow! brands and don’t require a physical card at all (Amazon, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic, CVS among them). After you order, they send you an email with an electronic “card” you can print and use immediately!

How Do I Sign-up for Scrip?

You can print the instructions below for easy reference.

Go to shopwithscrip.com and create a family account. When prompted, you will need this enrollment code: 439BB88431593 to link your account to Crocker.

See below for FAQs about Crocker’s scrip program. If you still have any questions, please e-mail scrip@crockerschool.org.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How frequently will we be making orders for physical gift cards?

The plan is to compile as needed at first, then get enough momentum to do it to every other week. We are only limited because we have to pay for shipping on the cards, so we don’t want to be losing money for the school. However, there are some merchants who don’t require you to wait for a card. Look on the shopwithscrip.com site, there is a list of vendors under the category “ScripNow!” that you can order, they send you an email with a gift code you can use immediately. Amazon, Gap and Starbucks are three biggies that do this (Gap return to our school is 14%!). Another category are reloadable cards. Some brands allow you to automatically reload a card that has been originally bought through Crocker’s scrip program.

Once Crocker makes an aggregated order, how soon can I expect my cards?

The order will take three to seven days to be ready for pick up. This is partly due to the time it takes for Great Lakes to process our order, partly due to the delivery option chosen (we have to pay for delivery of the cards, faster service costs more), and partly to give the Crocker scrip coordinator time to organize the cards for pick up.

Why do I need to sign up for PrestoPay instead of using checks?

Operationally, it is more difficult to deal with handling checks…gathering, making sure we don’t lose them, waiting for a confirmation of deposit before releasing orders, etc. Through PrestoPay, you will get your order faster and not have the hassle of finding a scrip coordinator to hand your check.

Is PrestoPay secure?

Yes, PrestoPay relies on the Automated Clearing House network, the primary network for electronic funds transfers between banks and credit unions. It’s the same trusted Federal banking network used for payroll direct deposit, social security, tax refunds and millions of other electronic payments.

Can we use credit cards instead of our checking account to pay for orders?

Our scrip broker does not accept credit cards because those companies charge a percentage, which would take away from what the school would earn.

Is there an expiration on the gift cards?

Most do not have an expiration date. If any do, they would be a couple of years out.