Crocker earns thousands of dollars each year by partnering with businesses that contribute a portion of their proceeds to our school when we shop. It is an easy way to raise funds for our school by simply doing things we already do.  A description of each program follows.

Shop at and Crocker will get about 7% back on all purchases!  Simply cut and paste the link below into your browser and click through it every time you shop at Amazon.  Tell grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles to do it as well.  They’ll all be raising money for Crocker every time they shop.

Sports Basement
Sign up at Sports Basement to become a Basementeer and receive 10% off every item (online and in stores) and 10% of profits will come back to Crocker Highlands.

BigPie works closely with independent local merchants to support schools in their community. Crocker is partnering with BigPie and will be hosting special events throughout the year, including dine outs at participating restaurants where a portion of the proceeds will come back to the school. Sign up as a Crocker supporter, use your registered email or phone number and earn money for our school when you shop at one of our participating local businesses.