A Great Public Education Isn’t Free…It’s Up To Us!

Thanks to the dedication of parents, the greater community and our educators, Crocker Highlands is one of the best schools in Oakland.  We are proud of the strong school that we, as a community, have built.  In order to continue providing excellence for our children, we need your help.

Our PTA pays for aides, music, physical education, library, computer instruction, supplemental math & reading, yard supervision & much, much more.  The funds for these outstanding enrichment & academic programs come from you…our community.

There are many ways all of us can support Crocker.  Below, you will find information about each of our fundraisers, as well as information regarding the simple ways you can help raise money for Crocker while simply doing things you already are doing.

Thank you for your support!
Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Tali Levy and Katie Rittenberg, Fundraising Co-Chairs
Crocker PTA Federal Tax ID/EIN: 94-6171881

The main fundraisers are:

Annual Giving: Ongoing

Each school year, we ask all Crocker families for a direct donation. We ask for participation from every Crocker family. We know that some cannot give the suggested amount, while others can give more. Every donation, no matter the size, counts and makes a difference. Our goal is to get 100% participation this year! This is the fundraiser with the lowest overhead and the lowest volunteer requirement. Let’s make it our biggest contributing fundraiser. It is easy to set up a monthly installment contribution through this site that will automatically contribute a set amount each month through your credit card. We have a big push at the beginning of the year and when it is successful, it allows us to have fewer time-intensive fundraisers.

Questions or to get involved, please contact Lucy Streett and Louise Bedsworth at annualgiving@crockerschool.org

Walkathon: Saturday Oct. 10, 2015

This major fundraiser is the earliest in the school year and really involves the efforts of kids, parents and community in a fun and exciting undertaking. Each year, the students collect pledges and walk a 0.4 mile course in the neighborhood near the school, earning prizes and a sense of pride as they rack up laps.

The Walkathon is a fun and easy way for parents to get involved, volunteer and share in a sense of Crocker community.

Questions or to get involved, please contact Carla Higgins or Andy Young at walkathon@crockerschool.org

Auction: April 16, 2016

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is the annual Crocker Auction, where parents and staff bid on both silent and live auction items while having a great evening out. This year’s Auction will be held at Scott’s Seafood in Jack London Square in their beautiful pavilion room.  It will be a night to remember.  The Auction is a big event, requiring many, many people to work on it to make it a success.  If you work well collaboratively, are creative and want to meet a lot of people at Crocker, please send us a note at auction@crockerschool.org and let us know you’re interested.

Ongoing Fundraising Activities:

1) Amazon

Crocker has a partnership with Amazon.com where Crocker gets about 7% back on all purchases!  To earn money for Crocker every time you shop at Amazon, simply cut and paste the link below into your browser and click through it every time you shop at Amazon.  Tell grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles to do it as well.  They’ll all be raising money for Crocker every time they shop.

Note: Please use this link when shopping at Amazon and NOT the link through Goodshop. Goodshop offers Crocker a rebate, but it’s much less than we get through this agreement. Also please DO NOT use Amazon Smile, which gives back much less than the above Amazon link.

When shopping on Amazon – simply follow the link to earn money for Crocker:

2) Goodshop

Goodshop is fundraising for Crocker, made easy!  Goodshop offers generous rebates to Crocker.  If you already shop online, why not raise money for Crocker while you shop?  Rebates range from 1% to 7.5% on every purchase.  In order to receive credit for your purchases, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go out to goodsearch.com and sign up for an account,
  2. Select Crocker Highlands Elementary as the cause you’re contributing to,
  3. Every time you shop, log in to your Goodshop account and click through to the many merchant websites.

Clicking through to a merchant’s website puts you directly into the site and offers an identical shopping experience as without Goodshop.

The list of participating merchants can be found here:  [coming soon] and includes Pottery Barn, Gap, Old Navy, Groupon, Living Social, Zulily, Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples, and many, many more.

And don’t forget, there are valuable coupons from the participating merchants.   Please sign up and use Goodshop every time you shop online!

3) Target

There are two ways to earn money for Crocker when you shop at Target. First, if you have a Target Red card or want to get one, you will save 5% on all purchases and Crocker will get a 1% rebate on all purchases.
If you do not want another credit card, you can still earn money for Crocker when you shop online at Target.com by shopping through the Goodshop link above. If you click through to Target on Goodshop, you’ll earn Crocker a 2.5% rebate on all purchases.



4) Farmigo

We have partnered with Farmigo to bring fresh produce boxes to Crocker.  Farmigo provides fresh, organic and locally grown produce, delivered to Crocker every Wednesday for pickup.  Simply go to www.farmigo.com, sign up and link your account to Crocker.  Farmigo is different from other CSA boxes in that there is no set box each week.  You decide what you want or need each week.  And, as long as we have $500 of orders each week, Crocker will get 10% back in a rebate.  So, try Farmigo out – we know you’ll like it.

5) BoxTops

There are BoxTop collection boxes in the classrooms.  Save BoxTops from packaged goods and send them to school for your child to put in the box.  Each BoxTop is worth 10 cents.