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Kindergarten Color Groups

Letter to Incoming Kindergarten Families


UPDATE 7/27: Meet and greet moved to Wednesday August 20th from 2:30 – 3:30 (details below)

July 25, 2014

Dear Incoming Kindergarten Families,

First of all, we would like to welcome you to Crocker Highlands! We are looking forward to you and your child becoming part of our wonderful school community.

Kindergarten is an exciting time for our new students. The first three days of school for all Crocker students are minimum days, with kindergarteners being dismissed at 1:30 (older siblings get out at 1:40).  A full school day can be a challenge for the younger students, particularly after a long summer.  To continue with a gentle transition, from August 28 through September 5, all of the kindergarten students will come to the MPR for quiet rest time between 1:50 – 2:45, except for Wednesday, September 3, which will be a minimum day.

You’re probably wondering about class assignments.  This year, Crocker Highlands is using what they call in Berkeley “Balanced Beginnings.” Students will be temporarily assigned to a color group (green, orange or purple) that will travel together to each of the three classrooms for the first three days.  This will give our team (teachers and the principal) an opportunity to get to know all of the students a little bit, making it easier to create balanced classes.  The color groups will be posted outside the school office by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 22 alongside our other class lists.  Their schedule for the first three days is at the end of this letter.  Final class lists will be posted by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 27 and will also be emailed to all kindergarten families.

The morning of August 25 will be crowded at Crocker!  If you drive, please plan to park a block or two from the school and walk onto the campus.  Other than spots for the disabled, there is no parking available adjacent to the school and limited options across the streets from the school.  It is really important that we not block any of our neighbors’ driveways.

On that first day of school, we invite all kindergarten families to meet us in the multi-purpose room between 8:35 and 8:45 AM. PLEASE do not bring your child into the building beforehand.  The teachers will organize the children into their color groups and bring them up to their classrooms at 8:45.  At the end of the day, the teachers will bring their groups to the playground, where they will match each student with “their grownups.”

Once the new kindergarteners are on their way, our principal, Joci Kelleher, will talk about the schedule for the day for a few minutes, then all parents and guardians are invited to stay for a welcome reception in the library hosted by the PTA co-presidents, Lesley Podesta and Danielle Vidal.  Before you leave campus, please let Mrs. Kelleher know if your child will be going to Adventure Time after school.

We are excited to start the year off right and are eager to get to know your children.  There is lots of helpful information in both our special Kindergarten Handbook 2014/15 as well as a more complete handbook for all families.  Both can be accessed from our website (  In addition, there is information online about registration paperwork.  If you did not turn in all of the registration forms before school ended in June, please bring whatever is missing to one of our registration events between August 19 and 22 (specific times are on our website’s calendar). There are so many great things happening at Crocker Highlands.  In order to get the most current information, be sure to visit the Crocker Highlands website  (, “like” us on Facebook and subscribe to our Weekly Email Bulletin. We also have the Crocker yahoo group for periodic email communications from school staff and PTA members.

We know your children are excited to come and possibly a little nervous.  Therefore, we invite all interested families to meet our three kindergarten teachers and see their classrooms on Wednesday, August 20 between 2:30 and 3:30 PM.  Although the kids will not be able to play in the rooms, as the teachers are trying to get everything perfect for the first day, it will be a chance for them to see our kindergarten faces and spaces.

We are so looking forward to meeting you, either on the 21st or the first day of school!


Joci Kelleher, Principal

The Crocker Highlands Kindergarten Team – Ms. C., Ms. Henry and Ms. Shannon


Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule –  August 25 – 29:

August 25: Drop off in MPR by 8:45 – Pick up on playground at 1:30

August 26: Drop off in MPR by 8:35 – Pick up on playground at 1:30

August 27: Drop off in MPR by 8:35 – Pick up on playground at 1:30

August 28: Line up in teacher’s line on playground by 8:35 – Pick up on playground at 2:45

August 29: Line up in teacher’s line by 8:35 – Pick up on playground at 2:45


Teachers’ Line Up Locations :(for dismissal every day and drop off starting Thursday)

Ms. Henry – between the small climbing structure and the Adventure Time building

Ms. Shannon – in front of her classroom door on the far right side of the main building, across from the small climbing structure

Ms. C. – along the wall near the water fountain on the playground


Kindergarten Color Groups


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Keeping up with Crocker Communications

Hi everyone, welcome back to another exciting school year at Crocker Highlands.  I wanted to send a quick message as I’ve noticed a number of recent sign-ups to the Yahoo Group with a request to stay up to date with what’s happening at school.  There may be better options depending on what information you’re looking to receive and how you like to stay informed.  With many new families joining us this year, I wanted to give a quick overview of the different channels for communication and information.
  1. Crocker Website – updated frequently with the latest information about school related events and topics. You can also find the most current school calendar with upcoming events. Please be aware events, times, details of events do change throughout the year. This online calendar is the best source of current event data. (Pro Tip: if you use Google Calendar or iCal, you can import the Crocker calendar directly into your calendar list and it’s always up to date) You’ll also find other links to great content like the Principal’s Blog, teacher websites, lunch menus, PTA information, photo galleries, afterschool programs, etc.
  2. Weekly Bulletin – email newsletter sent weekly with updates, events, reminders, etc. This is the easiest way to get an update delivered directly to your Inbox with what’s going on each week at school. Click on the link to subscribe or view past bulletins.
  3. Yahoo Group – email listserv, 500+ people made up of school staff, PTA, parents, community, etc. Used for timely communications from school staff, teachers and PTA members to the Crocker Parents and Community. Our ask…keep it relevant to school topics, don’t spam the list, don’t “reply all”. Subscription required, click on the link to sign-up.
  4. Crocker Facebook Page (Public) – If you like to stay up to date by using Facebook, we have you covered. We post a number of updates here, share pictures, encourage community discussion.  Be sure to “Like” our page and join our virtual extension of the Crocker community.
  5. Crocker Twitter Page (Public) – If you like to stay up to date by using Twitter, we have you covered. You’ll find frequent updates to our twitter page, be sure to “Follow” us.
  6. Crocker Kindergarten Buddies Facebook Group (Private) -  this private FB group was setup for Kindergarten parents (new and old) to ease the transition into Crocker. It’s a great place for new families to ask questions and share experiences. The Kindergarten teachers are also part of the group and you’ll find a tremendous amount of support and information shared in this group. To join, you have to click on the link and request access.
If you have comments or feedback for us on any of the above, we’d love to hear from you. Click on the “Feedback” link on the right side of the Crocker website or drop us an email at

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2014-2015 Forms Available – Pertains to All Families

Per District policy, all OUSD students must submit certain required forms each year before attending their first day of classes.  You may either pick up these materials at school between August 18-22 or download and print the forms found in this post.  Please bring your children’s completed forms during one of our registration events August 19 – 22 (see the calendar on our website for specific times).  If you are unable to come during those events, you must turn in the materials to the school office on the first day of school (August 25) before your child can go to class.

Required Documents for New Students Only:

2014-15 OUSD Registration Form (new PDC) – ENGLISH (Can be completed online then printed)

Original birth certificate or other proof of age  (We’ll make a copy of it.)

Immunization records

Proof of physical exam

Proof of dental exam

Proof of residency (3 documents such as PG&E, Waste Management, EBMUD, property tax, rental agreement, etc.)

If you registered in the spring but did not have all documents ready, please make sure to bring the missing items between August 19-22.


Required Documents for ALL Crocker Students (new and continuing):

2014-15 OUSD Registration Packet Cover and Signature Page FILLABLE

2014-15 Student Disaster Form – ENGLISH FILLABLE

2014-15 Pupil Emergency Card – FILLABLE ENGLISH

2014-15 Student Acceptable Use of Technology Consent Form – FILLABLE ENGLISH

2014-2015 Request for Parent Email Form  (new this year, required by the new superintendent)

2014-15 Walking Field Trips Form (must be printed in order to fill it out)


OUSD Policies For All Families (nothing to sign):

2014-15 OUSD Policies Packet FINAL – ENGLISH


Continuing Families with New Phone Numbers:

Change of Phone Number Form


 Free and Reduced Lunch Applications (Requested of All Families by OUSD):


 OPTIONAL Translation Request Documents:

Translation Help (Arabic) 2014-2015

Translation Help (Cambodian)

2014-2015 Translation Help (Chinese)

2014-2015 Translation Help (English)

2014-2015 Translation Help (Spanish)

2014-2015 Translation Help (Vietnamese)



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Adventure Time – After School Childcare On Site

Adventure Time (A.T.) is an independently owned and operated childcare provider that rents space on our campus every school day.  They are open before school beginning at 7:00 AM and after school from the time the students are released (both on minimum and full days) until 6:00 PM.  A.T. uses both the portable classroom and the playground for their program each day.

If you are interested in signing up your Crocker child(ren) with Adventure Time, applications are available at Montclair Elementary School (1757 Mountain Blvd.)  between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM weekdays throughout the summer.  They do not have applications on their website.   You may also wait until school starts on August 25 to register at Crocker Highlands.

For more information, please visit their website at or call (510) 658-7412.


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People in The Crocker Community Project

People in The Crocker Community Project

Who are the members of our community and how do they help our school run smoothly? These were the questions that 28 insightful first graders grappled with in the spring of 2014. Interweaving language arts, social emotional curriculum, social studies and technology, special parent volunteers with expertise in the radio industry walked the students through an extraordinary project that expanded their sense of place at Crocker Highlands. We invite you to enter into this place and listen to the students introduce you to seven special Crocker adults who make an important impact on us everyday. Click on a face in the picture below to see/hear the person’s story.


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Last Week of School – Minimum Days and 5th Grade Promotion

Every day between June 9 and 12 will be a minimum day.  Students in kindergarten will be dismissed at 1:30, and all others will be dismissed at 1:40.

The 5th graders will celebrate their promotion to middle school on Wednesday, June 11 at 1:45 in the MPR.


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