1. What is the difference between Adventure Time (AT) and the After School Enrichment Program?

Adventure Time (A.T.) is an onsite, before-and-after school, daycare provider that rents space on the Crocker playground. A.T. opens every morning at 7:00 AM and again after school until 6:00 PM. Parents register their kids directly with Adventure Time either at Montclair Elementary School during the summer or at Crocker. They require a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week.

The After School Enrichment Program offers fee-based classes by independent providers to supplement your child’s experiences at the school.  These classes take place once school is dismissed.  It is not a childcare program.

2. When does the schedule of programs get posted on your website?

The After School Enrichment Program consists of two semesters (Fall/Spring). Classes on average run anywhere between 8-14 weeks, depending on the program. The Fall schedule is posted on the website just before school begins so that parents can get an advance peek. However, registration is not open until the first week of the semester, and it is important to understand that there might not be space for every child who wants to take a class. An email communication will be sent to parents and caregivers via the Crocker Google groups to notify the community that registration has begun. Similarly, the Spring program schedule is posted a few weeks prior to winter break with registration opening in January when school resumes.

3. How do I register for classes?

Crocker has a centralized online registration system for all after school enrichment programs. Crocker will manage class registrations, wait lists and payments until registration closes. The registration period is usually 2-3 weeks. A limited number of financial scholarship are available. Space is limited in most classes so early registration is recommended.

4. If classes have already begun, can I still register?

Once the online registration closes, you may reach out to the provider directly to check for openings and coordinate registration and payment.

5. My child has indicated that he/she no longer wants to attend the after school class, can we drop out of the program?

If you cancel your child’s registration before registration closes, you are eligible to receive a full refund.

If you cancel registration after registration closes, you will need to contact the provider directly. Each program will have its own policies regarding cancellations and refunds. Please contact the programs prior to the start of classes if there is any concern. There is no guarantee that you will receive a refund once classes have begun, particularly if a slot cannot be filled by another student. As a reminder, it is important that there is a level of interest from the child for these classes. If this is not the case and you are in need of after school care, Adventure Time may be a more suitable option.

6. How are programs chosen for the school?

Programs are evaluated yearly for interest and quality. Popular programs that tend to fill up with wait-lists each semester usually return for the year, with a handful of new programs rotated between the two semesters. It is important to note that the school is at capacity and space is very limited with regard to after school programs. Careful consideration is made to offer a variety of programs for all grades and to maximize the number of students who can participate.

7. Given the popularity of the programs, is it possible to add more programs or additional spaces in existing programs to accommodate more students?

The After School Program Coordinator works very hard to maximize the number of students we can accommodate in the programs, so once a program is full, we don’t have much flexibility in this regard. We have very limited space at Crocker, so it is not possible to increase the number of programs we offer. Additionally, we are limited by the number of students we can reasonably, and safely, accommodate in small spaces such as the music room and the drum room.

8. My child is interested in a program but doesn’t meet the grade requirement, can we make an exception?

No exceptions can be made to the grade requirement. The grades specified for each program are established for a number of reasons such as safety and readiness. It is also necessary for the program instructors to more easily teach the class (A broad range of ages make it more difficult for the instructor). We also establish grades so we can offer an equitable number of spaces across all the grades. For these reasons, the grade requirement for each program must be strictly enforced and no exceptions can be made.

Additionally, please note that the programs are grade-specific as opposed to age-specific. If your child is either on the older or younger end of the spectrum for their particular grade as compared to their peers, they should be enrolled in programs based on their grade, not age. For instance, if you child is an early 8 year old in second grade, they still may not be allowed to register for third grade classes this year.

9. Why aren’t there more programs for kindergartners in the fall?

In addition to space constraints, there has been a request by the teachers to ease the transition for all kindergartners by limiting the number of after school programs in the fall. The first year schedule for many kindergartners can be overwhelming at Crocker. There is usually one program offered in the fall on the minimum day (Wed). More programs are available to kindergartners in the spring semester.

10. How will my kindergartner get to his/her after school program?

An Adventure Time representative will pick-up kindergartners from their class and escort them to their after school enrichment class (All other students grades 1-5 walk directly to the after school classes or meeting locations.) Rosters for each program will be provided to all teachers so they are aware of which students will be attending these classes. If your child goes to Adventure Time (AT) after the class has ended, instructors will walk the kindergarten students to the MPR.

11. My child’s after school class is being held in the Drum Room.  Can you tell me where this is located?

The Drum Room is accessed through the small kitchen in the back corner of the Multi-Purpose Room.

12. There is a minimum day this week so is my child’s after school program still taking place?

Check the online registration portal for which dates classes are cancelled and whether or not classes will take place on minimum days. If a class is held on a minimum day, it will begin directly after dismissal. Please contact the provider should you need further clarification.

13. What other after school options are there for my child at Crocker?

There are other offsite after school extended care programs that will provide van service to their facilities from Crocker Highlands Elementary with a minimum number of students enrolled. These programs include Lakeshore Children’s Center (LCC), Kids N Dance, JCC East Bay and Studio One.

Updated: 11/17/2017