Student Council / Conflict Managers

Volunteer upper grade students are available, throughout the school day, to assist their fellow students in resolving arguments, disputes, and disagreements before they escalate into situations requiring intervention by school authorities. A pair of conflict managers will interview the participant in the disagreement and help them to find a solution to the dispute. The group is trained and sponsored by two of our third grade teachers, Mr. Donahue and Ms. Eng.

Each class in grades 2 – 5 selects two student council representatives. The Student Council meets monthly and is involved in planning school-wide spirit days and fundraising for community projects. They also notify the school community of various projects to help those in need (e.g., food drive, penny drive). This year we are promoting the Crocker Highlands’ Green Theme with reminders of how to help the environment and recycling plastic bags.

Instrumental Music

Fourth and fifth grade students have the option to sign up for the instrumental music program. Instrumental music class is held once a week, either before school or during the school day. Students are given a choice of brass, string, percussion or wood instruments to study. There is a $20 rental fee for instruments, though students are welcome to purchase their own instrument if they prefer. Mr. Michael Turner is the OUSD instrumental music teacher.

Science Fair

Each year all Crocker students are invited to participate in the annual school science fair. Fourth and fifth graders are required to participate in this event. More information about the science fair is available on the OUSD website at:

Living Museum

The Living Museum is a hands-on, interactive project designed to celebrate the various contributions and achievements of all peoples and cultures.  All 2nd and 3rd graders participate. Click here for more detail.