Halloween Fun for Kids!

Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Safety concerns, health and diet concerns, and religious beliefs are all reasons why some parents opt out for trick or treating on Halloween.  For parents who don’t want their kids to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween, here are two safe Halloween activities that don’t require going out and knocking on neighborhood doors, and will allow your kids to still have fun and enjoy Halloween.

Host a Costume Party or Masked Ball

Hosting a family-friendly Halloween Costume Party or Masked Ball is a good way to get into a festive spirit without going trick or treating. Parents can host a costume party for neighbors or friends, with games and contests such as pumpkin carving contests, costume contests, and so on. Having tasty healthy treats and non-candy Halloween items as a prize for winning games helps kids not to feel left out of the candy-gathering aspect of Halloween, but still allows parents to control the snacks given to children. Consider doing a Halloween scavenger hunt in the back yard to allow kids to search for treats without going out of sight.

Look for Halloween Community Events and Festivals

Look for fall festivals and events in the community that offer activities on Halloween, such as parades, games, hayrides, and other autumnal activities. Many churches host non-creepy events on Halloween for children who are not trick-or-treating – these often include costume contests, games, face painting and playing with animals for a fun family activity.