August 2017
15th -18th Registration
17th PTA General Meeting
19th New Families’ Picnic
21st First Day of School & Kindergarten Coffee
21st – 24th Minimum Days (Includes a Wednesday)
24th Welcome Coffee (all parents/guardians)
25th Crocker Cougar  Assembly – Our Mantra  – Respect (Fri)
28th Mr. Nettell with 2nd Grade
29th Mr. Nettell with 3rd Grade
January 2018
1st – 5th Winter Break (Schools Closed)
9th Prospective Families’ Info Session/Tour (Evening)
11th PTA General Meeting
15th MLK, Jr. Holiday (Schools Closed)
16th – Prospective Families’ Tour (Daytime)
25th Crocker Cougar Assembly (Compassion)
26th Professional Development  Day (Schools Closed)
30th Puberty Ed Parent Meeting (5th grade)
Oratorical Festival TBD
September 2017
4th Labor Day Holiday (Schools Closed)
6th Back to School Night (all grades)
7th Mr. Nettell with 1st Grade
12th School Site Council Establishment Meeting
14th PTA General Meeting
15th Book Swap
18th Spanish classes begin (1st through 5th grades)
27th Mr. Nettell with 5th Grade
28th Spaghetti Feed
29th Crocker Cougar Assembly (Cooperation)
February 2018
5th – 9th Puberty Ed
15th Family Science Night
19th Presidents’ Day Holiday (Schools Closed)
22nd Crocker Cougar Assembly (Responsibility)
27th Living Museum (2nd & 3rd Grades)
October 2017
2nd  Class Photo Day (Mon)
4th Mr. Nettell with 4th Grade
10th Lice Check
13th Professional Development  Day (Schools Closed)
16th – 18th Alliance Redwoods Trip (5th grade)
21st Walkathon
23rd – 24th Individual Photo Days
24th Mr. Nettell with Kindergarten
23rd– 27th Minimum Days (includes a Wednesday)
27th Crocker Cougar Assembly (Self-Discipline)
31st Halloween Parade
March and April 2018
2nd Minimum Day
8th PTA General Meeting
9th Report Cards Sent
22nd Crocker Cougar Assembly (Perseverance)
27th – 29th Coloma Trip (4th Grade)
March 30th – April 6 Cesar Chavez Day & Spring Break
10th Lice Check
18th Crocker Cougar Assembly (Friendship)
21st Crocker Auction
April 9 – May 4 Standardized Testing Window
November & December 2017
Nov. 6th PTA General Meeting
Nov .10th Veterans’ Day Holiday (Schools Closed)
Nov .15th Prospective Families’ Tour (Daytime)
Nov .20th – 24th Thanksgiving Break (Schools Closed)
Nov .27th– 29th Book Fair & Minimum Days
Dec. 1st Cougar Assembly (Acceptance) Report Cards Sent
Dec. 6th Prospective Families’ Tour (Daytime)
Dec. 9th Craft Fair
Dec 12th Vocal Concert Rehearsals
Dec 13th Instrumental Music Concert
Dec. 18th  Vocal Music Concerts
Dec. 25th – 31st Winter Break (Schools Closed)
Shoo the Flu TBD
May  & June 2018
2nd Science Fair (could be May 9th)5th Carnival10th Vocal Concert Rehearsals  & PTA General Meeting15th Vocal Music Concerts18th – Last week of Spanish classes begins
21st Instrumental Music Concerts
22nd – 24th Minimum Days (includes a Wednesday)
24th Open House
25th – 28th Memorial Day Holiday (Schools Closed)
30th Mosaic Day (Wed)
June  2018
6th 5th Grade Promotion
7th Last Day/Minimum Day/Report cards sent

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