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Crocker After-School Enrichment Classes and Registration Information

Coordinated by the PTA, the Crocker After-School Enrichment Program offers students and families quality experiences to supplement their education in the classroom. A wide range of classes is offered each semester depending on space availability and popularity. Each class is run by an independent contractor who establishes the curriculum, schedule and fee.  To learn more about or register for any particular class, please locate the registration flyers link posted below the schedule.


In addition to the after-school classes, Adventure Time (AT) before and after-school care is currently offered on the Crocker campus.  More details at:


Each after school class has its own schedule. Please make careful note of the dates of each session, meeting times and rooms for your child’s class. Classes will not be held on school holidays. The class schedule is subject to change.


Click here for the individual registration flyers for each class. Class registration is directly arranged with the provider. Specific instructions on how to enroll and make payments are noted on each flyer.  All classes have limited number of spots, so it is recommended that you enroll early to secure a space for your child.


Limited financial scholarships are available for our enrichment programs. Please send an email to to request an application and obtain more details.  To be considered for the spring session, applications must be complete and submitted to the principal’s office no later than Friday, January 9th, 2015.


Please make sure that solid arrangements are in place for your child to get safely to his/her after-school class and to be picked up promptly once class is over. Kindergarteners will be picked up by the class instructors directly from their teachers at dismissal. Parents of children who attend after-school classes and are also enrolled in after-school care (e.g. Adventure Time, Lakeshore Children’s Center, JCC) should make arrangements with the after-school care provider to make sure that the transition to and from class is supervised. Please let the after-school instructors know who is responsible for picking up your child after class.


The After-School Enrichment classes are NOT school-sponsored programs. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a positive experience with the classes:

1. Questions: To discuss issues related to a specific class, speak directly to the instructor or sponsoring organization.  Please do not contact the school office.

2. Class Cancellations: It is the responsibility of the instructor to notify families of a cancelled class. Occasionally, there are last minute cancellations due to traffic/car problems, sudden illness or personal emergencies. It is very important to teach your child what to do if the instructor does not arrive as scheduled. For example, kids enrolled in Adventure Time might go to AT for drop-in, while other kids may go to the school office to call a parent for pick up. Please note there will be no adult to supervise children in the event an instructor does not show up.

3. Getting to and from classes:  Your child should know how to find the class and know what the arrangements are for after-class pick up. For safety reasons and out of respect for the teacher’s time, it is imperative that your child is picked up on time. A fee may be assessed for late pick up.

4. Class Behavior: These classes are a special privilege designed for the enjoyment of the Crocker children. To benefit fully from the classes, all children must cooperate with the instructor to ensure that the class runs smoothly. Recommendations to the teachers for behavior difficulties are as follows: a) one written warning if a child seriously misbehaves in class b) a request to drop the class if the child has persistent behavior problems. No refunds will be provided in this instance.


The chair of the After School Enrichment Program is Irene Lee. For general questions and feedback, she can be reached by email at

We hope that you and your child enjoy the after-school offerings at Crocker!



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