Hello, Crocker Families!

Did my five-syllable name make you break out in a sweat? Don’t worry, your children will call me Ms. Wijay (sounds like VJ). My long name and I are from the island nation of Sri Lanka, but I grew up in several countries around Europe and Asia. I came to the U.S. to study Environmental Science at Tri-State University in Indiana, and also earned an M.S. in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco.

Teaching is a second career for me, as I worked as an environmental scientist for nearly 16 years before going to Cal State East Bay for my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. I’m really looking forward to bringing this practical experience into the classroom, and I’m excited to be doing the hands-on science lessons for fourth grade.

I live in Alameda with my husband, two cats, and the occasional, transient raccoon that wanders into our home. I spend my spare time reading, walking, knitting, and learning. I plan to teach our class to knit at the start of this year, so volunteer knitters are very welcome to help.

I feel so excited and lucky to be starting my teaching career at Crocker, and can’t wait to meet my new students!

Ruchira Wijayaratne (Ms. Wijay)