The Crocker 4th and 5th grade flag football teams had a great final Bowl Game on Saturday!  The sun was out, we had a really nice field all to ourselves and after the game the players got their trophies and donuts.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Best thing was the game was a very competitive one and it appeared as if all the kids had a great time.
Also a BIG THANKS to 5th Grade Coach James Yearger and 4th Grade Coaches Vince Rocha and Zach Lee for coaching the players this past season.  The kids had a great time and that makes it all worth it.
Another BIG THANKS to the Team General Managers, Debbie Chernoff / 5th Grade and Liz Carter / 4th Grade.  These two worked behind the scenes and without them the teams wouldn’t have played a down!